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for federal disaster declaration. indiana ef4 level twister leveled two small towns damage has taken a toll >> people in town lost homes before they sleep and eat we have a business they lost everything. their home and everything. it is very very bad >> no changes in the death toll still standing at 39. making things tougher on the tornado victims bitter cold several inches of snowfall southern indiana north central kentucky overnight snowfall melting by early afternoon in the region getting a break for a while. credible tip student searched and suburban middle school on lockdown after a loaded gun is found island lake school lockdown from eight until 11:00 this morning. might have been the tense situation school superintendent says everything worked out which should have >> a phenomenal job but no threat school was on lockdown for policies and it became no threat to any student >> alleged suspect was searched and the gun was found. university of chicago administrators say improving plumbing at pierce tower started to face thousands of dollars to live in the building say bathrooms in s
this afternoon the northwest indiana * reports police are looking for three suspects and their belief to be driving a brown older model oldsmobile with no place and possibly a discolored hood. the search for missing man is now focused on belmont harbor, chicago police marine unit was among the many people searching for philippe pattern after jacket was found in the water and loved ones believe that it belongs to him into was with a large group of friends that was out drinking friday night and they say that he was heading to the lakefront about to 30 in the morning on saturday anyone with information is asked to call chicago police. one person was killed in two other seriously hurt when their car ran into a fire hydrant, the car went out of control near 78th street and around for 14 this morning, it slipped into a light pole police said the man killed was 33 years old and another 33 old man was taken to cook county hospital in critical condition a cab driver is dead after losing control of his taxi in the bus town neighborhood the cab was heading west on arm is sent when it crossed the
officers hit by truck lead in what officer dead. the group was jogging crown point indiana looking for dark colored suv only description we have the three other officers survived taken to hospitals no word on how they are doing latest numbers next >> and big party to celebrate a milestone for oreooreo i remember the day my doctor told me i have an irregular heartbeat, and that it put me at 5-times greater risk of a stroke. i was worried. i worried about my wife, and my family. bill has the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. he was taking warfarin but i've put him on pradaxa instead. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mgs reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin without the need for regular blood tests. i sure was glad to hear that. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have a bleeding condition li
while jogging with three co-workers in crown point indiana last week, britney new expedited three hours after a dark blue vehicle plowed into the vehicle into one remains in critical condition while two others are listed in fair condition, a man did surrender to police in connection with the crash on wednesday night and bukes will be laid to rest tomorrow, she leaves behind a baby girl. police shot and killed the woman after she pointed the gun at them, she was 49 years old nancy vanesier. police were called to her apartment building by residents into mad by kurtinto mad by her arm with a handgun. police fired their guns killing her. carelessly discarded cigarettes may have started a brush fire that burned several acres of northwest suburban forest preserve this weekend. the fire began saturday afternoon and firefighters were tempered by strong winds, low humidity and they had to struggle through knee deep mud and water. by the time they're able to put out the fire six hours later, 10 a. of grass and marshland had been burned. the victims of japan remembering the earthquake in tsunami
. and indiana. the weather has turned. better get some of that winter wardrobe ready because monday it looks like it is going to be cold. it's going to be a 40 degree day on monday and a 70 degree day on tuesday. when you look at the turbulent skies this one comes in from st. john indiana. this is a turbulent looking sky over york a bill. this is one of the most fascinating time lapses of our lake front. these little banks of clouds that come in from the east these are outflows. that is a pocket of cool air coming in after a thunderstorm. here is the storm with his brakes and sunshine and downstate. tonight visibility is a quarter of a mile in kenosha and waukegan. a whole atmosphere is spin is showing up. this has produced the biggest drain here and almost three months. we needed it. we had almost half the amount of normal rain in march going into this thing. the temperatures made it into the seventies today. only in the 50's at the lake front. we will see that again this weekend. it is 55 and highland indiana. it is 55 at soldiers feel here in chicago. we are about 2 mi. west of the shore
no different tennessee and ohio and indiana high school level. in the state eight people died at least. storms coming through with company golf ball sized hail and wind. kentucky's governor declared a statewide emergency to tap into state resources and reports of people trapped damaged buildings small town in west liberty eastern part of that state tornado of bettering the midwest and south harrisburg illinois it still cleaning up from ef4 twister days ago hoping to be scared a second blow >> we are going to come back very resilient community >> twisters part of system rainfall and snowfall to chicago tom skilling live in the weather center more on the storm >> 33 states tied up in the storm system exploded today between 80 degree temperatures and the 20 degree readings to the north 150 mi. per hour jet stream. thunderstorms producing super cellular cells producing tournedos look at the state's 13 of them involved in the tornadoes biggest march tornado outbreaks in four years chicago area. so far 91 twister reports storm prediction center twisters across nine states tonight our area snowfall
told us smoke stairwells and hallways. no word on because of the fire. northwest indiana man charged hit and run accident killed lake county correctional officer injuring three others. crown point more on the man accused. >> suspect identified crown point custody tonight it turned to itself on wednesday alongside attorney >> for 42 year-old facing felony hit and run charges investigators pursuing more serious charges including homicide. >> very emotional 72 hours with the department. results charges filed today >> lake county sheriff says additional charges like be filed once more evidence is collected including toxicology report. tuesday night 25 year- old britney meux lake county correctional officer killed while jogging. the other three convicts seriously injured but expected to recover registered to father signed in the presence of attorney searching the pierron should am not sure says suspect surrendered alongside attorney did not take any statement prior record owi 2009 and several speeding charges family members disappointed has not been charged with a more serious crime
much of the united states from texas to indiana into kentucky and georgia, some 70 million people were in the deadly pass. in the hours after the terror came stories of survival. >> i had about 40 students and staff and we were in the core of the building when the tornado hit and no one was injured. >> something to be thankful for despite the devastation entire neighborhoods are flattened and schools are in ruins. >> the people that live here are resilience of and we are knocked down but we're not knocked out. in west they're ready kentucky equipment is already in place to steer away with the storm knocked down. now the rebuilding process will no doubt take a very long time and president barack obama expressed his condolences to the areas hard hit and fema is dedicated to more resources for cities in need. >> closer to home in just a few hours a massive consolidation plan goes into effect for the chicago police department, dan ponce de joins us live from district 19 police station at belmont with details. >> these changes go into effect at midnight, the 19th district in belmont wi
indiana during the late afternoon but most of the stuff coming up from the south will probably not survive our computer shows us that tomorrow morning we can have some showers. and by tomorrow afternoon maybe even a thunderstorm or two in the area, good idea to keep an umbrella handy. partly cloudy, mild and wins a dying down a bit. for monday its a good looking day except for the possibility of showers and thunder strike or two. seven day forecast, to more '80s there. by thursday the picture begins to change and the air begins to moderate just a bit and we look at temperatures drop and probably into the '70s and down to the upper 50s by the time we get into saturday. i think it was one day last week we were warmer than miami. >> we were very close bob. >> washington d.c. is preparing to mark a milestone politics, why you may want to book a last- minute trip to the nation's capital. whoa! i'd love a set like this... ...well, i'd like a pony. yeah, we used kmart layaway - paid it off over 8 weeks. shop your way rewards members who start layaway this week earn 5% back in points whe
advisories in effect for parts of indiana ohio and even western pennsylvania as well as michigan. for tonight skies parley cloudy and light winds persist low temperature 36-43. tomorrow we will get a few peaks of sunshine. monday night may be a passing shower or thunderstorm. tuesday afternoon we warm back up. 7 day forecast: temperatures up and down. we go down back to the '50s on wednesday and then tried to shoot up to 66 on friday. sunday looks great temperatures 63 with some sunshine. >> thank you jim. from the director who brought us the movie titanic takes on a new epoch role, james cameron bravely goes where only two men have gone before. [ music box plays ] multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's progressive. call or click today. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira.
extends one day after covering much of downstate illinois and indiana. active season we have going. more about that and to the next storm possible impact on chicago also warm weather next week later in the weather segment. >> other news right now lawsuit filed today accusing hotel bartender drugging and assaulting a woman visiting chicago led unthinkable story getting worse. live with details >> 50 year old woman from virginia stank naperville and the area for a wedding in naperville she says drug at the hotel bar and sexually assaulted in her room claiming attacker used his own hotel key. 14 at page lawsuit filed in federal court accuses a hotel bartender of spiking her drink with date rape drug ghb says soon felt groggy return to room and passed out bartender allegedly got a key to the room from the front desk no questions asked in beijing on wanted to inappropriate sexual contact. >> she wakes up in the morning idea something happened something not right down the hotel manager says has not yet seen the lawsuit but aware of what it says. richard brink as accused bartender no longer b
suspected shooter is behind bars to accomplices on the lives. story from northwest indiana >> please merrillville say, but they have the man who robbed the store and pulled the trigger still need help from the public mind into alleged accomplices security video released by merrillville police show suspect robbed a store at gunpoint and shooting and killing the woman working behind the counter 20 year-old jeremy blue lift a few blocks from the store charged with murder and robbery surrendered peacefully yesterday afternoon from merrillville judi simpson-beaver dam up pretty ruthless no need for him to do that doing everything he demanded that but police also released 911 call from that day >> detectives said it will lead to the suspect tips shortly after released surveillance video or son is back lived in crown point spoke to reporters today we are relieved this guy is up the streets focus has turned keeping public awareness that what police believe two other suspects helped out seen on surveillance video staking out the store shortly before the shooting police released these images
and indiana. the big story seems to be the temperature. time lapse camera showed it was a beautiful day out there. i temperatures of 81 degrees. that destroyed the previous record of high temperature. tomorrow we probably will not challenge the record. the temperatures before long are expected to shoot back into the '80s. where is the cold air. it is to our north. it will stay up there until probably one week from friday. you have another seven days to go before we get any relief or change in the temperatures. a lot of people are enjoying this weather. tonight at a cold front has passed across lake michigan turning the winds northeast it brought some cool air a short. this represents a 28 degree drop in temperature at o'hare airport. 53 degrees as we speak. the winds are not a factor at this moment. the wind speeds generally between 5-10 mi. per hour. do point temperature mostly in the upper forties or low 50s but as the temperature drops, that makes way for a little fog. we have been noticing it diminishing visibility throughout the evening. the only areas at the moment under a dense fog a
by 26 states, including indiana. this was the first of three days of arguments in front of the high court. tomorrow the focus is on the critical question. the constitutionality of the individual mandate. a ruling is not expected until june. it is three days before the court. all lot to digest. to break it down with us is our political analyst and constitutional lawyer paul lisnek what happened today. . > what happened today. this would have been the day when the court if they had won a two. they could have punted. the law requires us not to do with the tax until it is implemented and collected in 2014 and beyond. one of the justices raised that question. they dealt with it as a fine. as you heard justice ginsberg say they are not concerned about it. the court is ready to deal with the issue on the merits. the reason i suggest this is a lose lose for the president. if they pass this here is a concern. does it fire up republicans more than ever to say oh my goodness look what happened here. polls show many people do not want this and we have to get rid of him because we will get this
indiana home and wounding two preteen girls sending them to the hospital. >> 11 year-old selena and her 12 year-old cousin r. oreana were playing up wii in their living room tuesday night when a barrage of bullets came through the window, the terrified girls call to safety only to find that they had both been shot in the chest. >> she had blood coming out of her chest and ariana is in the floor crying that she cannot breeze. she underwent a six hour surgery at the children's hospital in turn family tells me that the next 48 hours are critical to her survival. >> they are worried about her pancreas and if it leaks than it will have to go back for another surgery. chicago police have called in the fbi to help with the investigation, they don't have a motive yet but shell casings found at the scene pointed the shooter standing on the sidewalk when he fired. >> there is no doubt but that house, there were several rounds fired and they all made their way either into the window or up to the window. >> the individuals who perpetrated this cannot be too love family and community like we do
that popped up, in south bend indiana but most of the action was well down to the south. we could see some rain into even some stores tomorrow. we are looking for mostly clear early in then the clouds will begin to increase the bid showers possible low temperature 57-63 and then for thursday afternoon it lake wind could develop which would drop the temperature is about 25 degrees at least along the lakeshore in downtown thursday night mostly cloudy and showers. 52-57 degrees and another day of temperatures above 70, again we may see a shower at least there is a possibility of being one on friday as well. we will be back in 10 minutes with the fults 7 day forecast. >>full 7 day forecast. ors [ bell dings ] agents, when it comes to insurance, people feel lost. that's a dead end. don't know which way to turn. this way. turn around. [ woman ] that's why we present people with options to help them find coverage that fits their needs. almost there. whoo! yay! good work. that's a new maze record. really? i have no idea. we don't keep track of that kind of stuff. well, you should. [ male
baptist church of hammond, indiana was packed this morning as mourners said goodbye to corrections officer britany meux. she was killed and three of her fellow officers were injured when they were struck by a hit and run driver while jogging last week.meux, who began her career as a marine, was honored with a huge turnout by law enforcement personnel from near and far. this is a tribute to the officer. the way the law enforcement community it turned out. they came from as far away as new york and florida. it is just ... the thin blue line was there to support the family. 42-year-old jason cozmanoff turned himself in late last week. he's charged with multiple counts of failing to stop after an accident involving death and serious injury. only a couple days of freedom left for rod blagojevich. the former governor must report to a colorado federal prison on thursday. he'll be spending his last time in chicago with his family -- and the media. blagojevich is planning one last news conference before leaving for the federal pen. having been a witness at the trial reporters asked mayor emanuel t
aid. indiana and kentucky it by the same storm did help we do not. . >> after reviewing the governors' appeal fema during the impact of the event are within the capabilities of the state of illinois . >> that followed by a storm is outraged. a flurry of statements from our elected officials. governor if quinn ever disappointed avowing to obtain any and all assistance available. congressman jerry noticing the tough rebuilding process affecting committees. senator picked off durbin voicing his absolute disbelief. the fact that the federal government has denied it disaster aid he said and done so with little explanation. defies logic. . >> we will do we can with the state treasurer's office by which fema would do the same . >> disaster recovery loan that the state is setting up with banks in the affected areas. you'll find a link with more information on wgntv.com that deferral and with the punches. international elite. . >> wellman chicagoans heading to the home of nato. a big conference here. . >> blagojevich is a former barber what will happen to the famous hair in prison . >> taunte
. this is from erech of cedar lakes indiana. look at the ominous skies. we have had some clouds assembly today but we managed to have a nice day before they moved in. the last six months every one of them averaged above number on temperature. there is no surprise that the sun shine has been above average. tonight the sunshine out west of as early as today heated the atmosphere and look at storms that are blowing up in iowa. this is a part of the weather system that is coming in our direction. we will have 98 degree temperatures in the plains states this weekend. maybe flirting with areas of the lake here sunday. 66075 new record high set since march 1st around the country. and iraq has reported in every one of the lower 48 states. look at the warmth building back into the plains states and you can see why the storms are erupted right on the nose of the warm humid air this will press northeastward slowed by some thunderstorms in the next couple of days but by sunday we will get some of that warmth in the lake side areas of the city and that will be something. we could be up not far from the rec
. athe britney meux fatal hit- and-run story has another twist. meux worked at the lake county, indiana jail and the warden there quit after allegations of improper behavior at the accident scene where she was fatally injured. jeffery kumorek, a retired chicago cop and former gary police chief, was described in some reports as drunk when he arrived at the scene. while jogging with three other officers. kumorek was reported to be drunk again at her funeral. the governor hoping federal officials will have a change of heart and issue disaster relief to illinois tornado vicitms. fema denied aid following the twisters that killed seven and flattened hundreds of homes. those tornadoes.. ripping through a bunch of states late last month and in early march. governor quinn says this has devistated the poorest communities in the state.. and he's calling on the feds to reverse their decision and provide aid to five southern illinois counties. >> we have inundated the federal government with facts and statistics about how serious the need is here and it is time for our federal government to step up
's autopsy. >> top story tonight. wgn live from northwest indiana news of upcoming charges of deadly hit and run case >> press conference held tomorrow sheriff's complex in crown point announcing charges against a person of interest in the deadly hit and run a correction officer dead three other co-workers injured sheriff's office telling wgn news investigators presented charge a commission to prosecutors late today 25 year old marine corps back to read sigel mother of five month old daughter and corrections officer tuesday afternoon run with three co-workers rundown by hit and run driver and the three who survived the badly injured one is still critical condition after surgery earlier today. late last night person of interest will your walk into sheriff's office talking to police since that as friends and co-workers continue to stop by her memorial. >> at work have not been able to come over here just came to see the memorial to pay respects. >> is it pretty tough all but there are a lot of people? >> a lot of people did not know her over there but people at the jail and a great pe
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